What we do

System Design

With system architects on three continents, we work with our customers in the early stages of product development and help them refine product specifications.

Beyond product development, we optimize the whole product ecosystem, and help engineer the cloud services, mobile applications and protocols. Where needed, we partner with the bests in the industry to bring state of the art design to life.

Mechanical engineering

Kaertech's mechanical engineers understand the demands of modern designs. Accessing to the best suppliers, they work hand-in-hand with our customers to bring their designs to life. We have a deep expertise in plastic molding, metal, CNC, painting, treatment and a long track record of meeting high quality standards and certification while integrating complex mechanisms and stringent cosmetic criteria.

Electrical Design

Our engineers manage all aspects of electrical design, from schematic to board layout.

Thanks to years of experience in board design, cutting-edge expertise in Radio Frequency design (Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, WIFI, ANT+, LoRa…) and power and thermal optimization, a close relationship with suppliers and a deep understanding of the integration with mechanical and software design, we have brought to market some of the most innovative connected devices.

Software Development

We develop the embedded software for the products we create.

We pride ourselves in writing elegant, robust code. We believe in tight integration between software, electronic and mechanical engineering. Our team has been developing embedded software for connected devices for over ten years and is both familiar with the leading platforms and flexible to customize solutions for each product.

Beyond the device, for the development of mobile applications and cloud services, we work with our partners from the Kaertech Group: ALSoft and Flaminem.

Our quality team manages all aspects of product testing.

Test criteria are established in collaboration with our customers and often our quality standards, both in design and in production go beyond our customers' requirements. All test results (temperature and humidity, vibration, drop, IP, ESD, thermal, aging...) are verified independently in third party labs.

When the product is ready, we take it through certification on our customer's behalf.


Whether you want to build ten or ten million units, Kaertech has you covered.

We fully manage board production and SMT and have virtually no capacity limitation.

Our state of the art System Assembly Manufacturing facility in the Philippines specializes in high end precision Manufacturing. When volumes are beyond our manufacturing capacity, we work with tier-one manufacturers in Asia. We will smoothly transfer production and all processes to their facility with no downtime and no loss in quality.

Kaertech Design Services

Turning ideas into reality is our mission!

With cutting-edge expertise in Radio Frequency design (Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, WIFI, ANT+, LoRa…), mechanical innovations (waterproofing, strengthening…) and a deep understanding of today's demanding cosmetic requirements we work hand in hand with our customers to develop their vision.

Our services are fully integrated. Throughout the development process, the same team continues to be responsible for product development and refinement.

Design For Manufacturing

Turning prototypes into reliable manufacturable objects is our job!

Once functional prototypes meet our customers' satisfaction, our engineers take the devices to the next step. We ensure they can be certified and manufactured in thousands or millions of units.

We have one of the most stringent quality program in the industry and we stand behind the quality of every device we build.

Precision Manufacturing

We run a state of the art manufacturing facility in the Philippines.

Our engineers manage SMT lines and PCB assembly with full capability for Substrate assembly, System in Package (SiP), Chips on Flex Assembly and more.

We run our own assembly lines with the ability to do manual soldering, PCBA testing, RF testing, customized functional testing, PAD Printing, ultrasonic Welding, Heat Shrink Packing...

Our highly trained operators participate in the elaboration and perfection of the standard operation procedure and the team of engineers that developed the product is present to help with debugging and optimization. We take the pain out of volume ramp up and transition mass production.

Kaertech Group

Mobile application development

Today's connected devices usually interface with mobile application. ALSoft, part of the Kaertech Group specializes in iOS and Android application development. We work hand in hand from the design phases to ensure user experience is flawless.

Our friends at Flaminem specialize in predicting rare events with a complex and long-term decision journey using millions of user features collected over a large time window (e.g. >3 months) to train our Machine Learning algorithms.

Cloud development

Key to our vision of a turn-key design service for all connected objects is the development, customization and deployment of cloud solutions that can be hosted on the leading platforms. Our teams have successfully deployed dozens of cloud services for the most demanding applications.

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